SPARES "Back Up" Sunglass Pouch and Sunglasses kit "the back-up plan for when you forget your sunglasses"

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Have you ever asked yourself?  “Where are my sunglasses?” 

 Have you ever said? “UGH!! I forgot my sunglasses!”

We realized this is an issue so we created the solution. SPARES (sunglasses & pouch) are Functional, Fashionable and Sustainable.

 At Airbagz we specialize in the creation of innovative lifestyle solutions that suit a variety of needs and uses.  In being Functional we use quality materials create a durable long lasting eye ware accessory.

 In terms of Fashionable, balancing Form and Function is at the forefront of what we do.  We aspire to create sunglass pouches that are both functional and fashionable sunglass pouch with sleek design. 

 In terms of being Sustainable, we strive to create sunglass pouches that not only look good but do good.  Our reusable pouches made from repurposed materials are helping to reduce the environmental impact of Pre & Post consumer and corporate disposal waste of Textiles/Materials and Plastics and our Products support our Charitable Outreach Airbagz for Smiles with $5 from every pouch/sunglass combo purchased to helping people in need.  So you are “doing a good thing!” As we say at Airbagz “Good for our World, Good for You."


  • Designated Spare Sunglass Pouch made with Quality materials

  •   Pouches made with reinforced Interiors, Smudge and Scratch Resistance Micro-fiber and Polyester-blend materials
  • Interior lined with Air-pack lining for Extra Protection

  • FREE Pair of Quality Spare sunglasses

Your Sunglass Emergency Plan: Tuck your SPARES away in your vehicle glove compartment-center console- your purse-fanny pack-back pack.