Opportunity to Volunteer

One of many ways you can get involved with Airbagz for Smiles is to Volunteer with us! We need people who have a heart to serve. We need you! 
To find out more or schedule an opportunity to Volunteer, contact us!
Email: albates3@yahoo.com
Cell: 918-955-3118
Thanksgiving and Christmas Opportunities to Volunteer
1. Handing out/Dropping off Thanksgiving Turkeys and Meals to families
2. Dropping off Christmas Meals to families
3. Dropping off Gifts and Toys to families
4. Visiting and Delivering gifts at Cancer Floor at Saint Francis Hospital
5. Visiting Senior Care Centers and dropping off Blankets and Gifts


Types of Groups that can volunteer include Youth Groups, Families, Church groups, Businesses, College groups and More!


Pic: Oral Roberts University Nursing Student Volunteer Day. This was the 5th group of students from ORU to take part in creating their own Airbagz to give to Nursing Home Senior Residents and spend time singing and talking with the elderly folks. 


*We require all group participation to make a Pledge Donation of any amount.