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Airbagz was created from a deep Love for God, compassion for family and people, and what started as a Daddy/Daughter project ignited a passion for creating Amazing Products that people love!

My Prayer was for God to give me an idea to make something special from nothing.  We say nothing because Airbagz products are made through sustainability as Green/Eco-friendly Process of re-purposing materials.

Located in Broken Arrow OK (Oklahoma) We are family oriented and passionately driven to make a difference in our community-nation-world!  We have officially existed for well over 7 years now. 

We are proud to serve the needs of others through our outreach Airbagz for Smiles; in which the products we produce fund and supports our efforts and allows us to partner with our community and provide help around the world.


 The Airbagz! Story:  7 Years ago I asked God to give me an Idea to Create something Special from nothing; which started with Air-packing bubbles that was around our house....  A few days later I got my answer, an Idea as a Daddy Daughter Project....  Little did I know it would be something that would bring me closer to God, my daughter, family, Break Strong-holds and help thousands of people! 

I went to our "Junk Drawer" in our kitchen where I found needle and thread, an old broken blue Glue Gun, an old pair of jeans and Air-packing bubbles and started creating the pillow like objects that we coined the name "Airbagz!"

My daughter Addison who was age 4 at the time and I started making the bags together which became a great "Daddy Daughter" time! As we made one after another and another we said that there has to be more that we can do with these other than just selling them and making money.  Addison said to me, "Dad maybe we should give them away to people to make them Smile!"  From there our Outreach organization was born "Airbagz! for Smiles" So we started giving them to Seniors at Senior Centers, Nursing homes, Hospitals, All people in need, sick and hurting.... And we did and the Rest was History.... Smiles for Seniors, Smiles for Cancer Fighters, Smiles for Veterans, People in Need!

We would go on to Partnering with Great Companies that Power our Products and our Purpose by providing our Amazing Materials.  Our Product capability has now grown into an Amazing Specialty bag company producing bags for every use and occassion.

 "Moment I prayed over packing bubbles for an idea!"

Teaching Addison to sew AirbagzAddiaon sewing labels on Airbagz

Teaching Addison how to sew! Teaching her how to Love others!

Opportunity to gather our family, friends and Addison's friends to stop play and go love on some of our Seniors in the Nursing Home Community! Kids discovering how to love others!


Angie serving one of our Seniors

Opportunity to gather our family, friends and Addison's friends to stop play and go love on some of our Seniors in the Nursing Home Community! Kids discovering how to love others!



Thankful that the News Spread our Message to love our community! 

Thankful that such an Amazing University (Oral Roberts/ORU) Trusted us and saw the love of Jesus through what we did and wanted their students(Anna Vaughn School of Nursing) to be a major part.  So we taught a component of Godly compassion through loving their patients by making Airbagz!  What an Amazing Opportunity!!! 

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Visiting Saint Francis Cancer Treatment center and loving on Patients!

Partnering with Individuals in need by empowering them through sewing and supplementing their need of income!

 Addison Enjoyed making the Pillows but discovered loving on people was a bigger Joy!

 Image may contain: 4 people, including Angela Bates and Andrew Bates, people smiling, people standing God Thank you for Blessing and giving my family the Heart to Serve People!



Loving our Veterans everywhere and at the Muskogee Veterans Hospital!