Airbagz! Created out of Necessity and Fun! Here is How?

One Day I looked over some packing bubbles and prayed to God to do something special with them. I asked What is something simple that could be created from them? Well I was sitting and thinking I  have  limitless amount of packing materials so I thought I could use them for something rather than polluting our world with Plastic.

So I had this idea to use the air-bubbles to create these special pillows. The result was amazing and my creative wheels got to turning.

So with Materials and tools we had around the house (an old hot glue gun, jeans, shirts, needle and thread and an old printer) I put these ideas together and along with my Daughter Addison we started creating Airbagz by hand.   We think People will love them and Airbagz are "SIMPLY COMFORTABLE" and "COMFORTABLY SIMPLE" and because they are made from ORGANIC materials it's "GOOD FOR OUR WORLD, GOOD FOR YOU!"

(AIRBAGZ=GREEN EARTH FRIENDLY PRODUCT/We Re-purpose Plastic Airbagz and Old Clothing Material) GOOD FOR OUR WORLD. GOOD FOR YOU.


By the way I'm a Dad of 2 children and Husband who loves to Sew and Craft these wonderful Products!