LOVING PEOPLE THROUGH LITERACY- We Make Giving a Book an Inspirational Action! Receiving a book Should Inspire! "Nostalgic" book Bags by Airbagz



Books are Amazing, Life-giving, Empowering and can open opportunities to Life only Imaginable...  So we want to make giving them an Inspirational Action!
Reading-Books is Life changing for me; I only started reading because someone I had a great friendship with and shared my hopes and dreams with; cared and believe enough in me to suggest I start reading. This was my 1st Mentor (Client/Friend Toby Armellini). He presented  me with a book Swim with the Sharks without being eaten alive. He knew my desire to dream, create and be an Entrepreneur. Him giving me that book showed me not only he believed in me and my dreams but he told me that reading would show, lead, guide and reveal to me the things I needed to know for life to be lived well!  I now receive books from a host of amazing friends, mentors, Pastors, Business leaders  that suggest for me to read and add to my Library.  Now I return the favor to the many I want to inspire.  So for me to give a book is to give love, hope and belief in someone and this is the meaning behind the Airbagz Nostalgic bag/Loving People through Literacy project...  Books are Special! The effect they have on a reader's life is Special!  So we want to make giving it Special!