Special Veterans Hospital Visit

Yesterday Addison and I had the honor to visit, spend time, get to know, pray with and deliver Care Packages to 23 Veterans that were in the Hospital.

One of many great stories: We met WWII Veteran Bob, his 1st time being hospitalized at age 92 and his wife Helen, their Daughter and 2 Son-in-laws, also veterans.

We spent a good while in that room as the daughter spoke so honorably of Bob's life service to and for our country!

Beyond them was Helen standing honorably, proud and strong by her husbands bedside (many life lessons in this scene). We told her we were there to say hello, say thank you for his service, to be with them in that moment.

Helen was overwhelmed with Joy and Speechless Tears of the gesture and she put her frail hands in mine wrapped her arms around Addison and we all surrounded Bob to Pray(in the Name of Jesus). So Special how God shows up in the Simple Moments making them Special Moments!

One of many Great stories of the day!