Airbagz for Smiles Program

The Airbagz for Smiles Program allows us To Care for all that are in need, To Share our time making those in need feel special, To Love everyone with God's unconditional love, To Never Forget those that are battling life's obstacles.



We spend special time with Nursing home and Senior residents, Veterans, Cancer Patients and People in Need and gift Specialty hand-made bags/pillows for them that provide a Special message of Comfort, Care and Love!

Airbagz invites individuals and companies to join of this Special Program in a few ways:...

1. For every 3 or more Airbagz purchased by an individual or company we donate 1 Free Airbagz to an individual or organization in need. We provide you with where and who receives the Airbagz.

2. You and/or your company can also partner up with Airbagz and Sponsor any of our Airbagz for Smiles Program outings with a Financial Pledge.

Airbagz provides all Volunteer Outings/materials FREE to all people in need!

For more information contact:
Andrew Bates