Smiles for Cancer Fighters "Making a Difference in People's lives"

We were able to share love and hope with a Special friend Through Smiles for Cancer Fighters: Jennifer

I receive gifts, dinner, help and kindness that come from people who are in my life everyday, and then from those sneaky little ANGELS! Then today I received something so personal and full of Faith, Hope and Love from someone who I assume is just going about their life (because that's what I'm expecting people to do), and even their family/friends (whom I've never met) pray and send their love. It really touches my heart and I THANK you, Andrew Bates & Family/Friends. When kiddos take the time to pray too...gets me right there >>>❤️. It motivates me to get through this so that I can then pay it forward. I got a LOT to pay forward after this! Funny how He works. Y'all always seem to know what I need and when. Thank you for carrying me through with YOUR faith, when mine might be a little shaken at times.