Airbagz for Smiles 2016 Year in Review

Wow, 2016 was a great year! We had the opportunity to serve and make a difference in so many Lives!
  • We served over 500 Seniors in multiple Nursing and Senior Centers
  • Sent out Multiple Care packages for Cancer Fighters and Families in need.
  • We rallied together hundreds of people and multiple companies to volunteer their time and resources to help contribute to the efforts at making positive life changing differences for others.









This could not have happened without all of our generous donors and volunteers!

We sincerely believe that we can reach more people in need and all Elderly and Seniors in every Nursing/Senior center in our area and beyond to chip away the staggering statistic of 85% of elderly living in senior/nursing centers get no visitation from family or friends.

Together with you we know this is possible. We invite you to partner with us by Pledging a Smile!